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Sara Sterne, Amanda Axelsson et Eleonora Svanberg, sont membres du conseil d'administration de l'association à but non lucratif Girls in STEM (filles en STIM), en Suède.

Inspiring the potential of girls and young women in tech

AWS Girls' Tech Series is a free learning experience that focuses on each of the STEAM areas with activities designed to engage, connect and activate future female innovators. Watch our video to see how our program exposes girls and young women, ages 8-24 to coding, robotics, cloud computing, problem-solving, and more!

Women at AWS

"My superpower is my ability to break barriers that allow girls and young women to pursue their passions in technology, even if it means being the only woman in the room."
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"My superpower is my ability to listen to others and try to provide helpful guidance and mentorship regardless of the situation. If I don't think I am in a place to guide, I will say that and suggest other resources."
"My superpower is I can adapt to almost any situation or challenge that comes my way, while remaining cool, calm and collected!"
"The ability to organize chaos whilst running as fast as I can, often backwards with my hair on fire, whilst simultaneously juggling at least 10 different things and nothing gets dropped."
"My superpower is taking on new and challenging projects and figuring out innovative solutions, especially those that have a positive impact on our communities."
"My superpower is my grit and determination to pave the way for girls and young women to pursue their passions in STEAM, even if it means charging forward on what others say can't be done."

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Our impact

Girls and young women
AWS Girls' Tech Series is a global learning experience, impacting over 19,360 girls and young women in local communities.
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AWS Girls' Tech Series has hosted 31 events across three continents and twelve countries, including Australia, America, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Ireland.

Events Gallery

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Program Testimonials

AWS Girls' Tech Day Participant:
“Thank you for the incredible experience! I loved making the robot and the team sessions -- it was great being together with other girls my age interested in tech! :-) I would LOVE to continue to participate in the future!”, AWS Student
Veronica Ortiz, College and Career Coordinator for Hayward Unified School District:
“The activities were engaging, fostered curiosity, and brought joy to our students. The speakers were inspirational and they shared their dynamic educational and career stories to motivate our students to follow their STEAM dreams. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AWS and expanding Girls’ Tech Day in HUSD,” said Veronica Ortiz, College and Career Coordinator for Hayward Unified School District.
Robert Gardiner, Academic Advisor and Operations Counsel Prestasi Junior Indonesia:
“This initiative was an important and inspiring first step for female students. In particular, to understand technology career trends and opportunities, design educational and personal development pathways towards future technology careers, and explore a range of skills around coding and robotics.”
Kenston, Professional Speaker and Trainer:
“This is the equity that is needed in our communities. Thank you for helping them gain access to opportunities that can change the trajectory of their lives.”
Eryn Hathaway, Executive Director ErynPink/ICEMentors:
“Our girls love to learn, be hands-on and try new technology. We are all about Girl Empowerment, so it’s a natural fit to be a part of AWS Girls’ Tech Day. The workshops and AWS women leaders panel brings life to the variety of opportunities our girls can aspire and achieve. We are so glad to work with AWS InCommunities and inspire our future leaders.”